Applied Implementation Research

Based in social work science and values, IPC Lab projects produce scholarship with real world implications. Dr. Pinto and his research partners have conducted research in the United States, Brazil, and Spain. We have striven to improve delivery of science-based services to those affected by serious health problems. This research:

  • Fulfills social work’s primary mission;
  • Conducts interdisciplinary research in HIV prevention science;
  • Helps close the research-to-practice gap;
  • Is guided by Community-Based Participatory Research principles;
  • Is conducted with practitioners and service consumers;
  • Is based in service agencies in communities affected by health disparities;
  • Is guided by diffusion-of-innovations theory and others;
  • Uses mixed methods, an NIH priority with the potential to enhance service delivery (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, 2012); and
  • Draws on behavioral theories that are amenable to change through practitioner training, improving practitioner involvement in research. These theoretical and methodological approaches, applied to health problems, advance scientific progress in social work, public health, and other applied professions.